Why Zoom has Become More Popular in Covid 19 Situation for Telecommunication


Why Zoom has Become More Popular in Covid 19 Situation for Telecommunication

Telecommuting is becoming a new normal. 

Chapter of the telecommuting to a point “may not have a commute stress can make the commute,” Plug the. It is also good because it can be combined with parenting. Many Korean workers would have been sorry for not spending much time with their families. Telecommuting can eliminate this. 

However, there were not many disadvantages of telecommuting. When looking at the results of The Milk’s survey, respondents cited’loneliness’, lower work efficiency’, ‘lower quality of life’, increased work intensity’, and ‘ no communication’ as disadvantages of telecommuting. It is also a problem that comes to you when you work from home for a long time.  

The biggest problem that occurs while working from home is not a technical issue, but an emotional’ feeling of lack of trust and loneliness. The boss suspects that the employee will not work hard at home, and the beginner at home suffers from a lack of information. Because when I work in the office, I can’t get the answers I got simply at home. Social loneliness also increases. 

The telecommuting environment is also an issue. As Corona 19 closed school due to social distance, the children were also at home. Telecommuting with childcare is a difficult structure to focus on. It’s a very distracting environment.

Because of a quote from the New York Times article   seeing each job after the corona virus as (depending on the situation) reviewed the 1 to 1.5 days about working from home it seems to be able to get quite a positive effect. 

After normalization, when there are many employees who want to work from home, how should they support working from home? Introducing the homework (Remote) Work Management Act’ proposed by Harvard Business ReviewFast Company’s advice  is similar. 

The most important things to do well in a telecommuting environment are’encouragement’ and’emotional support’. In the event of a sudden change in telecommuting, managers must listen to their anxiety and concerns. It is important to understand that working at home will make it difficult to work in a new environment rather than comfortable. 

You also need to systematically decide what to do every day. The boss who successfully manages telecommuting calls each day with the employee. One-to-one calls are made to employees who often work alone, and teams with many collaborations make team calls. The important thing here is to make the call’regular and predictable’. 

When you do this, your employees are talking on a daily basis and constantly talking to their boss about their concerns and questions. It is also helpful to work with your employees to establish the rules of how you will work when you work from home.

Provide a variety of communication means. More companies are using collaborative solutions such as Slack, Zoom, and Teams when they need to collaborate more quickly.  

According to The Milk’s research, Microsoft teams, Slack, Zoom, Kakao Talk, Google Hangouts, Notion, and WebEx are among the collaboration solutions used by each company. KakaoTalk was the only service developed in Korea, but there are other services in Korea, such as Flow ☜ , Grass ☜  . In particular, Lee Joo-hwan’s collaboration tool suite ☜ , founded in Silicon Valley, is currently growing rapidly and competing with global services. 

As telecommuting is settled, creative methods are also emerging to soothe loneliness and boredom. ‘Sneek’ ☜ Iran software is a solution to automatically take and share and show team members’ pictures every 5 minutes on a webcam. This is to make it look as if there are colleagues on the side. 

Deformation also introduced a company that runs two Zoom channels in one team. ☜ In channel 1, you have a business conversation, and in channel 2, you only chat. It’s a way to get to the corporate lounge during breaks and have a coffee break and talk to your colleagues. 

It is not a virus, but a’zoom’ chosen to win the competition. 

Some companies are growing significantly due to the coronavirus and the spread of telecommuting. 

Zoom is a leading Corona virus recipient. There are many free services as a video conferencing solution, but I choose’zoom’ a lot. Currently, it ranks 1st to 5th in the app rankings in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store around the world. This time, Zoom is an app that downloads more than Facebook Messenger, TickTalk, Netflix, WhatsApp, Instagram.  

Zum’s share price rose 26% this month (March 2020) , a relatively large increase compared to the S&P 500’s 32% and NASDAQ’s 23%. There are some companies whose stock price has risen in the fall market where even Apple and Amazon fell like autumn leaves, and one of them was’Zoom’. 

Having a zoom meeting is no longer considered a special case. The New York Times introduced not only working in the article “We live in Zum”  , but also teaching, partying, and yoga at school. “Generation Z has finally found a name. It’s called “Zoom Generation”, and “Zoomer Generation,” a combo of baby boomers, and after giving lectures at each university in the United States, it is also said that they are all’Zoom University’. 

I do spend a lot of zoom , zoom bombs (ZoomBombing) “ ☜ evolved speak of. It is an act of spreading spam and pornography by an unknown person by using the screen sharing function during a video conference.

There weren’t many users who knew ZOOM until the corona virus injured. I never even advertised properly. The recommendations by word of mouth were mostly.

Zoom is famous in Telecommunication Business

As a video conferencing solution,’zoom’ was not the first option. 

There were Goliaths. Google’s Hangouts, Microsoft’s Skype, Cisco’s WebEx, and Apple’s FaceTime. From the time Zoom broke into the market, solutions from Google, Microsoft, Cisco and Apple already existed. So few people believed in Zum’s success. He advised founder Eric Yuan and said, “No, it is not. 

How can you beat Google, Microsoft, Apple and Cisco?” Moreover, besides zoom, there were many other video conferencing startups. Is it because the founder is famous? Founder and CEO Eric Yuan was an original Chinese man who was not good at English (after school graduation).  

However, Eric Yuan and Zoom team put customer happiness’ as the top priority and devote themselves to development (the company is advertising in San Jose Airport with the phrase MEET HAPPY). He was at WebEx before he founded Zum, but Cisco finds that the company is large and has many divisions, so he finds it difficult to access small businesses and schools because he is not committed to the’video conference’ business and is expensive. Apple FaceTime isn’t suitable for meetings, and Google Hangouts doesn’t do well for business. Eric Yuan and Zum all saw a chance when they said, “No.” 

Zoom focused on’essence’. It made it easy to participate through all devices such as PC and mobile. Up to 1,000 people can participate, and end-to-end encryption is supported, and security is excellent. You can schedule and start a meeting via Outlook, etc. Less than 40 minutes per meeting, up to 100 concurrent participants can use it for free. 

Zoom currently has a 40-minute limit for school users due to the Coronavirus. I use it for free now, but I think it can be attracted to paid conversions in the future. In fact, 55% of 344 customers spending more than $100,000 a year in the last quarter’s earnings announcement said they switched to paid subscriptions after free use. It is planned to infiltrate the market that did not recognize ZOOM without marketing and convert to a paid subscriber thereafter.

The founders and teams are great and the corporate philosophy is clear, so I am positive about Zum’s future. Goliath beats David and Asian Dream Again story from Asian. 

The zoom is not shiny because of the corona virus. This is because the company has a strong corporate philosophy and technology and a strong start-up spirit. Because he won the fierce market competition with large companies, he had the opportunity to choose during the spread of the corona virus.