Your Understanding About Gastric Balloons


Your Understanding About Gastric Balloons

Gastric balloons have another name, intragastric or stomach balloons. This is carried out on a transient basis. A removable device that is going to install in the stomach endoscopically (through the passage of your mouth) and can be placed there for the course of six months. Individuals who have a BMI above 30 are the ideal candidates for the stomach balloons process. However, in some rare cases, this process deems suitable for the patients whose BMI level is as low as 27.

To know the process of losing weight with the Help of Gastric Balloon

The balloons that are installed in your stomach endoscopically occupy a space in your stomach, restricting the quantity of food intake.

The Advantages of Stomach Balloons

The balloons that are placed into the area of your stomach endoscopically may act as a middle ground between the medications and surgery. After placing the balloons in your stomach, there is no need for any medication or surgery. This procedure is cost-effective and less expensive than surgery. Even the placed balloons are temporary and procedures are absolutely reversible if need be.

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Are Gastric Balloons Procedures are Certified?

As of writing this writing piece, two gastric balloons devices have the approval to be used for the patient in the USA. This paves the way to advance tackling the obesity issues with the minimally invasive technique. This results in changing and influencing the lives of several obese and overweight people who qualify to undergo these procedures.

After the receipt of approval in 2015, the Orbera Balloon is placed endoscopically, going through the patient’s mouth. After that, this device is inflated with saline (salt-water) that can contain 500-700 mL (24-36 ounces) of fluid. This procedure is certified by the FDA to place the Orbera Balloon up to six months. The working of putting this balloon in your stomach is executed by pretty-experienced gastrointestinal endoscopists or experienced surgeons under the effect of anesthesia. This procedure is carried out as an outpatient procedure within 20-40 minutes. The stomach would be removed during a similar procedure within no later than six months after the installation.

Advantages Of the Orbera Balloons Procedure

Orbera Balloons have been carried out in thousands of patients throughout Europe and even other parts of globe. Several clinical studies across the world have revealed the efficacy and safety of the stomach balloons, thereby showcasing the most satisfying results with rare reported adverse cases. The largest studies have conducted over 3,000 patients, 30 pounds about 15% of total body weight in the course of six months has been observed. This 15% reduction in body weight is equivalent to the alleviation of 5 BMI. Even in less studied cases, the treatment with the help of stomach balloons to attain weight loss shows a noticeable improvement in medication conditions with reference to obesity, including diabetes and cardiovascular health, etc. Not only this, but the stomach balloons are very also very helpful to better the patient’s lipid levels and level of blood sugar.

Even though the gastric balloon is inserted into the patient’s stomach for six months, yet patients continue to avail from the benefit of weight loss after the removal of the gastric balloon.

In addition to the Orbera Balloon, the ReShape Duo Balloon second approved nonsurgical weight loss procedure. Even the design of this ballon is different from the Orbera Balloon, yet the target of this balloon is the same.

Am I An Ideal Patient for Gastric Balloon?

To know whether you are an ideal patient to avail of the benefits of the gastric balloon, you should consult with a Los Angeles Gastric Balloon Clinic. They will identify and investigate if you deem fit to reap the efficacy of the stomach balloon procedure. After the execution of the initial investigation, the Gastroenterologist or surgeon will educate you for the further if they find you fit to undergo this.