Why Is YouTube So Slow? and Keeps Buffering

Why youtube is so Slow

Why Is YouTube So Slow?

One of the more frustrating things about YouTube is that the site seems to be so slow in loading. I’ve even had it freeze on me once or twice. But it’s easy to explain. This article explains why is YouTube so slow.

Browser too Busy that 

The reason YouTube is so slow is that it uses a lot of the same things that a web server does. They use cache and threading to make the websites work properly. If you don’t know what these are, then keep reading. Busy Browser can be the reason of why is YouTube so slow.

In the past, a website would send its response out to the network. The network would receive the response and do some processing on it. The response would be sent back to the website.

Youtube Buffering Issue

The website would then check the server for any errors. If there were any, then it would fix them. The server would send a response back to the website.

Server Can be the Issue for Why Is YouTube So Slow

This process happens all the time for a website. The main difference between a web server is that it can handle more traffic. They can hold a larger number of requests at once. Low Space on Server is also the main reason why is YouTube so slow.

There are a few things that a web server does. One of them is called threading. Basically, the server will have a number of threads. Each thread will be responsible for processing one request at a time.

The process will only go as fast as a certain number of requests per second. Each request will only get processed if it’s faster than the previous one. The problem is that it can get bogged down. The threads will hang waiting for another request which answers why is YouTube so slow.

The web server is responsible for ensuring that these threads are active. It will also have to make sure that they are not left to hang. It is, therefore, responsible for making sure that they are processed quickly. Anything that can help make sure this happens is beneficial to the website.

Too Many Threads is reason of Why Is YouTube So Slow

This is the reason why is YouTube so slow. It has too many threads trying to process a single video. Because each thread is trying to process a different video, this slows down the overall page load time. This is the primary reason why videos are so choppy.

To help make sure that the threads are processed quickly, YouTube has to make sure that they are kept busy. So that the servers can get a head start. However, if the threads become too busy, then they will end up dead. YouTube has to make sure that they are constantly busy and will not become too dead.

Use Leonflix to watch Favorite Show

That’s the reason why is YouTube so slow. Not only is the site slow but the threading is making it so. Because YouTube needs to make sure that the threads are busy, it will make sure that the threads are not busy enough.

So, as a solution, you should look to use a video streaming service. This service will take care of the threads for you. Because it has its own server, it can keep the threads busy and therefore, make sure that videos load quickly.

How to Fix YouTube Keeps Buffering

It is a common problem that youtube keeps buffering and one that most users do not realize they have been affected by. While many users believe they are benefiting from free advertisement, they are actually wasting their time and watching an endless advertisement of other people’s products.

Many videos are slowed down or even do not load. This problem can be fixed by reinstalling your software. You can also try setting your browser to use a stronger firewall.

Some users may also want to download a patch that will allow you to bypass any pages that might be frustrating you. Many users have attempted to bypass these pages by downloading these patches and have had success. However, some websites on the Internet might block your access to such patches.

Youtube Keeps Buffering

If this is the case, try to find the next page in your series of pages. You should do this even if you think the page you are trying to get to may be completely different than the previous page. Sometimes, you may need to follow several pages to get to the one you want.

Unbuffered Youtube

Try getting past the old pages you used to bypass the videos that keep buffering. You will find these by searching the web for “unbuffered youtube”. The most common way to do this is to click the back button on your browser and go to your previous page.

You will find your previous pages by clicking the tab that would show your new page. When you are at the previous page, select the “load” option. Then try going to your video again and see if you can bypass it again.

At times, YouTube could cause you to get a message about “content not found”. There are a couple of things that you can do to avoid this problem. One of the easiest things you can do is visit YouTube.com in incognito mode.

You will need to click on the “preferences” link and then click the option to enable “never show history and don’t remember cookies for popular choices”. You can also go to the YouTube web site and do a search for “how to hide my cookies”, then choose the first option that appears. This will prevent you from being tracked by sites that might use cookies to get information about you.

It is also possible to use a Firefox add-on called “YouTube Redirector” which will keep Google Chrome from going to the “buffered pages” page. This is a useful tool for many users.

You will need to click the “add to home screen” option and then choose your preferred browser to allow it to use the settings. Then enable the feature in the extension manager and allow it to run on startup.

You will probably find that the issue can occur with a large number of videos. You can even think about saving many of them to your computer so that you won’t have to wait in line for videos that may be available. This can help you avoid waiting and give you time to look for something else on the internet.

Try to Get Powerful Internet 

If this problem persists, you can try to purchase a more powerful internet connection to allow you to download videos to your computer or even turn off your wireless router in your home. You can also try turning off your antivirus software and allow that to run in the background.