Why choose Matki Eauzone Plus?


Why choose Matki Eauzone Plus?

Eauzone Plus range by Matki is an epitome of quality and frameless luxury shower enclosures. Eauzone Plus stands alone in quality and supreme designs by providing outstanding functionality in style. Its 10mm solid safety glass with minimal framing gives it desired durability and its flawless and alluring finish gives it a refined, rich look.

From a vast range of Eauzone collections crafted in a variety of sizes and setups, you can find the perfect shower enclosure to experience splendid showering. Endless choices with even more possibilities are introduced by Eauzone Plus Ultra Bespoke that offers special sizes, beautiful finishes, and remarkably minimal framing.

Matki is a leading brand in the shower industry renowned for the production of superior quality shower products. It’s been 40m years that Matki has maintained lofty standards and built an impressive reputation for its innovative design ideas. Use of the latest technology and best quality material makes Matki’s shower products equally stylish and durable. Matki has designed a range of long-lasting bathroom solution collections that include shower enclosure, shower doors, bath screen, and brassware. Whether you want a compact corner shower enclosure or have a space for centerpiece installation, you can choose it from Matki vast collections with no compromise on quality or design. Matki back all their products with 10 years of guarantee.

Matki innovative design and seamless functionality are the reasons for being the leading brand in showering solutions. Choose Matki’sEauzone plus range to experience luxurious showering with ultimate shower enclosures.  MatkiEauzone Plus collection range offers:

  • Beyond Frameless shower enclosures
  • Eauzone Plus Luxurious bath screens
  • Eauzone Plus Wet Room Panels


Beyond Frameless shower enclosures

Decades of expertise and experience with latest technology and innovative ideas have gone into the manufacturing of superior quality Eauzone plus shower enclosures. Matki’s in-house quality analysts have performed rigorous testing to ensure beyond requirement and expectation design and quality standards of plus model. Expert designers have thoughtfully designed every element for enhanced customers’ experience and convenience. unique non-slip, solid brass hinges adds to the key features of this Eauzone plus range.

The availability of shower enclosures in a vast range of sizes, setups, designs, and finishes ensures that every customer gets the perfect fit for his bathroom space.

 Eauzone Plus Luxurious bath screens

Available in the signal, two panels, and folding option to combine the luxury of 10mm safety glass with sheer convenience. They have manufactured these equally impressive and luxurious bath screens using the latest watertight technology for over bath showering. The true balance of quality and stylish design promises you quality and aesthetic pleasure equally. Add a sleek prestige feel to your bathroom just by choosing these fantastically crafted MatkiEauzone plus bath screens. Solid brass hinges hold the glass panel securely to give you a total feel of quality and confidence. These excellently functional and aesthetically styled bath screens are available in both glass and special metallic finishes through Eauzone plus bespoke.

Eauzone Plus Wet Room Panels

Super solid 12mm thick safety glass with high stainless-steel profiles is used to create Eauzone plus wet panels. Known for its strength and rigidity, they design these wet panels using stunningly clear, low iron glass. Use of superior quality material to make these stylish masterpieces statement for both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. Availability in a range of 22 widths to make sure it fits in any bathroom space. Chrome polished profiles and fittings help to ensure that water does not leave any annoying streak or mark on the glass. Choose Banyo for Eauzone Plus unique bathroom solutions to ensure that your wet room panel complement bathroom décor and stand out with pure distinction with curved designs.

Choose a Matki’sEauzone shower enclosure, wet room panel, and shower tray and enjoy endless comfort and convenience with style.

.MatkiEauzone PlusFeatures

  • 10mm solid safety glass
  • Chrome finish as standard
  • High quality solid Brass L-Bracket and stainless-steel wall mount
  • Brace bar included with models 1200 and above
  • Tested beyond CE requirements
  • Matki 10-year guarantee
  • Matki glass guard easy clean protection included
  • Brushed gold finish available with bespoke minimal, recessed and no frame options only