Who needs a digital advertising course?


Who needs a digital advertising course?

We are aware that the number of internet users is increasing exponentially. If companies are unable to keep with the fast-changing scenario in the online world, they will not be able to survive. Their customers spend most of the time online, hence shelling out a considerable amount of money on offline activities will not help. Also, only having an online presence will not help you. You need to be visible to your target audience, and this can be achieved through Digital Marketing. Digital advertising is a vast field. In this article, we will provide you a few insights that will help you decide if a digital marketing course is required for you.

Why do we need Digital Advertising?

Everyone is aware of the enormous benefits of digital marketing. But do you need it?

Importance of Digital Marketing

In simple terms, Digital Marketing as a medium utilized by companies, organizations, or individuals to promote their product or service.

  • It has been proven that over the years, Digital advertising yields much better results than offline advertising at a lesser cost.
  • Increased visibility through social media strategies
  • Branding
  • Multiple online marketing channels.
  • Relationship building
  • Better ROI(Return of Investment).
  • Build trust & authority in your industry
  • Know your competitor activities through internet marketing strategies
  • Track and gather data with online marketing strategies.

Before getting into any field, it is crucial to study industry trends.

Digital Advertising Trends

According to a recent study, by 2021, the global ad spends on digital advertising is predicted to be over $116 billion. The widespread penetration of the internet in rural areas has increased the reach and potential of digital advertising.

  • Artificial Intelligence

According to a recent report, artificial intelligence is the most significant financial opportunity for companies. It will increase global GDP by up to 15% by 2025. So if companies are still delaying adopting artificial intelligence, then they will lose a significant share of their market. Artificial intelligence significantly increases marketing results.

  • Chatbots

A leading marketing journal recently claimed that Chatbots would increase revenues upto 75%.Chatbots is an AI-based technology and uses instant messaging to chat with prospective or current customers. This eliminates the need for dedicated customer service representatives and significantly gets down the cost.

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It helps a company provide 24/7 service and support, which is otherwise not possible.They also help in gathering essential data regarding the visitors.

  • Video Marketing

More than 75% of consumers admit having heard about a brand because of a video they have seen. This, directly and indirectly, influences people to trust the brand and eventually buy it. Videos of services and products can be promoted utilizing youtube,instagram, and Linkedln. It is proven to be the most engaging content to be consumed by audiences.

  • AR & VR Marketing

Brands are now embracing new technologies such as AR and VR to connect with their customers. Virtual reality and augmented reality creates a more profound connection for potential customers and brings in the much-needed element of consumer experience.


  • Voice Search

Alexa, can you find the nearest baby shop for me? Sounds familiar?

Around 45% of smartphone usersuse a voice-activated search such as Siri, Alexa. It is predicted that by 2025,75% of online searches will be voice-based.

Hence companies need to optimize their marketing strategies to incorporate voice searches.

What are the top 8 reasons to learn Digital Advertising?


Top 8 reasons to learn Digital Marketing


1.The exponential growth of Digital Markets

Digital Advertising is a rapidly evolving technology, and the study also reveals that this field will experience a rapid increase in job opportunities. It is expected to generate approximately  1Millionjobs by the end of 2021.


 2.Wide variety of career opportunities

Digital Advertisingconsists of a variety of avenues andjob options. Depending on your interests, you can choose the ideal field. The best part is, you can start earning from home. You can start working as a freelancer with zero investment.Irrespective of your qualification, you can be a skilled digital marketing professional. If you like social media, then you can focus on only the social media marketing strategy.


  1. Start a new business

Digital marketing easily allows you to create your own business with less investment. You can utilize existing platforms and get yourself equipped with digital marketing skills. You can check for some reputed digital media courses online. SkillzLearn offers an online digital media course that is tailor-made to each individual. The unique aspect of this internet marketing courses is that students get to work on live projects. They get to use the skills and strategies taught during the session on real-time client projects. The digital media course equips you with the latest trends and social media strategies.


  1. Rising demand for Digital advertising professionals

Digital marketing demand is growing at a tremendous rate. There is not a single company, irrespective of size, that does not need digital advertising. But compared to the demand, the number of skilled professionals is lesser.

  1. Versatility

Digital media courses will equip you with a broad set of skills. This helps professionals to cater to an extensive requirement and also to change focus if you wish to later in life.  Digital media courses equip you with social media strategies and internet marketing strategies too.

  1. Digital Marketing is evolving

Digital Advertisingis an industry that is continuously changing, growing, and changing. People who are creative and innovative will find excellent opportunities too. You can focus only on your core strength and grow in that field. This is the advantage of being in the digital marketing industry. There is a role for everyone. Creative people who love to write can focus on the content; people who love designing can focus on graphic designing. Irrespective of your background, you can get skilled and work on online marketing strategies.

  1. Stay ahead of your competitors

Sometimes companies are not able to pinpoint the problem for not getting enough leads. They optimize the website, incorporate efficient search engine optimization techniques, and run paid ads. Yet the leads are not obtained. At that time, they need to examine their target audience. Next, study the latest trends. If your company is not flexible enough to adapt to new trends and technologies, you will be left behind.

Through effective online marketing techniques, you can gather valuable data about your audience and your competitors.  Being fully aware of your competitor’s moves and activities helps you stay ahead of the game.


A Digital Marketing Certificate from a recognized and reputed institute will help you get better job opportunities in this domain. According to a recent study, 85% of digital marketers expressed that online marketing techniques certifications have enabled them to master this ever-growing technology.

Skillzlearn offers personalized tailor-made digital media courses. You will learn about Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing strategies, internet marketing strategies, Email Marketing, Search Engine optimization, and run live Digital Campaigns. Running live projects with actual clients will enhance your chances of starting higher on the corporate ladder.


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