Wear Sneakers & Look Damn Fine at Every Occasion


How to Wear Sneakers & Look Damn Fine at Every Occasion

Sneakers are the favorite go-to footwear for men that make the appearance attractive. It is often considered that sneakers should be kept for only sporty and gym days. However, a wide variety of different styled sneakers has changed the meaning of these shoes. Though these are usually worn by athletes, the latest fashion trends have made it every day essential for all men. The world-class designs of unique and bright colored sneakers have made it a priority for most of the people. From street fashion to casual events, sneakers are a wardrobe staple that appealingly showcases your personality.

No matter which sneaker you choose to wear, there are a few basic rules to make it look amazing. Here are the key principles to follow for wearing sneakers on every occasion.


  1. The Basic Classics

The basic classical sneakers are the most versatile and stylish casual footwear. These sneakers go well with every pair of jeans with denim material, shorts, and chinos. Any color and shade will bring a charming look in your overall personality. Basic sneakers are go-to footwear for street style fashion, however, these types don’t work for offices and formal events. The basic ones should be your top choice with print t-shirts, blazer, or gingham shirts. Mix it with relaxed, skinny, and smart jeans and maintain the cleanliness for enhanced appearance.


  1. Luxury Sneakers

When basic sneakers are given luxurious touch, it instantly brightens up the entire style. The spice in this sneaker kind allows you to jump from street fashion to smart-casual style. It doesn’t make you look like a teenager, instead, it presents a bold and vibrant personality. You can wear luxury sneakers with slim denim, tailored trousers, and chinos. Try to avoid wearing luxury sneakers with shorts as it doesn’t go with the overall look for beach or street casual. Go for smart shirts, basic t-shirts, and polos with black or other bright-colored luxury sneakers. For a sharper look, opt for a slim or knit tie shirt or with slim denim and a blazer.


  1. Classic Sports Sneakers

Classic sports sneakers are the revolutionary footwear that transformed the whole shoe collection. The 90s style and pumps are the hip-hop styled street going footwear that pops out colors. Complement your style by picking different-colored sports sneakers. Loose t-shirts with tapered-fit jeans and classic sports sneakers are the essential wardrobe staples. To win the summer look, combine these sneakers with chino shorts. Stick with the sports sneaker style you think brings out the best. These sneakers give you the feel of both hip-hop artists and a sportsperson.

  1. Modern Sports Sneakers

Modern sports sneakers go the best with sports outfit or tracksuit. To go along with the latest fashion, pair them up with slim nudie chinos or other elastic variations. Keep it sporty by picking tracksuit pants with casual t-shirts and light-colored modern sneakers. Wear these on weekends with running gear to give a classic and stylish look. Avoid wearing them with loose-fitted denim jeans and never go with white pairs of running trainers. Instead complete your sporty look with a grey overall outfit without tucking the shirt into jeans.


  1. Designer Sneakers

Designer ones are the top end sneakers that instantly grab everyone’s attention. Adopt certain tricks for wearing these kinds of sneakers which will keep your personality cool and calm. These sneakers match rightly with slim denim gathered at the bottom. You can also wear designer sneakers with t-shirts that are basically open plaid shirts. Make your fashion sense louder by pairing these sneakers with blazers. For loose-fitted t-shirts, select black denim and experiment with different styles of designer sneakers or leather jacket sale. Stick with soft colors for these sneakers and let the design do the talking.

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Sneakers are the top choice for most of the men around the world. It makes you look stunning with an enhanced personality that attracts everyone. Sneakers express you in the most pleasing way that makes you look classic and elegant. Sneakers come in multiple designs and colors which can be worn at every occasion. These are extremely versatile, and just make it work for you to look amazing with every outfit. Pick the correct style of sneakers and try to keep them clean for a decent personality.