Vigorous Exercise On Weekends, Risk Of Later Degenerative Arthritis


Vigorous Exercise On Weekends, Risk Of Later Degenerative Arthritis

Reduce the burden on muscles and joints

Dr. Christoph Stelling, a radiology specialist at the University of California, San Francisco campus, told Health Day News that if you do intense sports such as basketball and soccer on the weekend in your middle age, invisible damage to your knees will accumulate and you will have a high risk of developing degenerative arthritis later. I have revealed it.

Dr. Stelling surveyed 100 men and 136 women aged 45 to 55 about their exercise amount and observed their knees with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Bone marrow fluid formation and cartilage-ligament damage have been found in people who perform vigorous exercise that requires high movement.

“If these small injuries accumulate for a long time, they lead to degenerative arthritis,” he pointed out. “Football and basketball are particularly dangerous, with a lot of twisting, jumping, and spinning movements.” In this way, if you intensify sudden movements such as soccer or baseball on the weekend, it may cause joint injuries, but if such movements are accumulated, it may cause degenerative arthritis.

Yongin Bundang Yes Hospital Director Do Hyun-woo said, “The young people lack a lot of awareness of degenerative arthritis. Most of them recognize that it occurs naturally with age. However, if there is a lot of joint movement, there is a possibility of degenerative arthritis even at a young age.” In particular, if you exercise vigorously only on weekends, you need to be careful because it can promote degenerative arthritis.”

Degenerative arthritis has a variety of symptoms, such as stretching the legs and sitting on the floor without touching the back of the knee, or having a knee attached to it before, but now it is wide enough to fit into a fist, and it hurts to squat. Particularly in the evening after exercise, if your joints are sore and swollen that you cannot fall asleep, you should suspect degenerative arthritis.

To prevent degenerative arthritis, it is better to avoid excessive exercise first, and it is helpful to wear cushioned indoor shoes indoors and sneakers outdoors. This is because walking barefoot or shoes with low heels can exacerbate degenerative arthritis because they absorb the shock as it is.

It is also good to continuously do joint strengthening exercises that you can easily do. While sitting on the floor, straighten both knees, then pull your ankles toward your body, or while lying on the floor, lift both legs at a right angle and straighten your knees. Is helpful in

Experts say, “It is better to reduce the burden on muscles and joints through exercises with less impact on the body, such as swimming, walking, and biking, rather than strenuous exercise such as soccer or baseball, rather than driving on weekends.”