UAE’s Mars mission takes off from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Center


Emirates’ Hope Project is the third project to the Red Planet Mars. The other two are Chinese Yuan-1 and the United States Mars in 2020. These are trying to take advantage of the situation where the Earth is closest to Mars. According to NASA, October is Mars 38,600,000 miles from Earth, and all three institutions want to take advantage of this opportunity. Hope can orbit Mars until February 2021. The UAE will be a special moment to mark the 50th anniversary of the seven allies. The probe will orbit the Earth for a full Mars year or 687 days without landing on Mars.

The goal is to map the atmosphere and continuously chart the weather dynamics of the red planet. This personality movement will later be a precursor to the colonization of Mars. Guardian provides information on launch. It is the first Arab space mission to Mars and took off from Japan. The launch site was all Negashima Space Center. The unmanned probe Al-Amal or Hope separated by plan about an hour after takeoff and the probe in the control room applauded the event. “This is the future of the UAE,” said Sarah Amiri on the site. She is a senior official on the UAE Mars mission and described it as “an unexplainable feeling.” The hope of the UAE stimulates the Mars mission UAE wants to change the world’s perception.

This unique project will inspire young generations. By launching Hope, the UAE has added names to countries like the United States and China that already have Mars. So far, there have been many probes since the 1960s. When news of the Red Planet’s water came out, interest in sending people to alien planets grew, and NASA plans to send astronauts to Mars by 2033. Hope probe will give you a special perspective on a difficult planet. Scientific circles around the world will update the status of the Martian atmosphere 24/7.

This information is useful when making decisions about colonies. Elon Musk, in particular, is optimistic about the manned mission to the Moon and Mars. The mission to Mars is the first in the Arab world. According to CNN, the Hope Probe, which originated at a Japanese base, established two-way communication with the ground. Dubai segment. The United States and China are also planning to start a mission to the Red Planet this summer. NASA has Perseverance Rover and China has Tianwen 1. These may be released tentatively between late July and early August. Hope Probe is the most ambitious stage in the UAE space sector. I already have experience in space-related activities.

In 2009 and 2013, satellites developed with the help of Korea were launched. Later, in 2014, it established its own space agency. Ambitious targets include colonies of Mars until 2117. These activities will make extensive use of renewable energy and artificial intelligence. Coincidentally, most Mars missions are a time-consuming project and are given full credit to UAE scientists who have only taken six years to launch the Hope Probe. Sarah Al Amiri, Director of Science at Mission, talks about mapping the entire picture of the Martian climate. This can shed light on how a planet once thought to be rich in water became barren.

The data gathered by the expedition to CNN will be adding a new dimension to human knowledge. “The latest contribution.”

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