Top 8 Travel Destinations for Tea Lovers

Tea Lovers

Many view tea as just a beverage that calms the nerves of some people. However,
It has a whole new different meaning depending on the community in question.
The beverage has significance in all parts of the world. Moroccans hold it with hospitality significance. In Japan, the view is of the spiritual connection of the host with his or her guest. The beverage can be prepackaged into tea bags or be in the form of loose leaf tea. Tea lovers across the world have crossed borders to gain more knowledge on the preparation and flavors. There is a rise in tourism of the beverage due to this. In this sense, the following locations are among the top eight tea lovers destination.

1. Turkey

In Turkey, it signifies hospitality or friendship amongst the involved parties. In line with tradition, a tulip-shaped glass holds the drink. Added to the beverage are two cubes of sugar but with no milk or lemon. Tea lovers can visit gardens (locally known as Cay Bahcesi) and houses to enjoy the different flavors available. Gardens can accommodate both genders while houses are in more male-dominant areas. There is no Alcohol served in this place. Two highly recommended gardens are:

  • Garden at Camlica district and
  • Garden at Ortakoy district.

At the Camlica garden, tourists will be able to enjoy their beverage whether it is black, apple, or pomegranate tea while taking in the view of the Bosporus and Istanbul lifestyle.

2. China

Tea is offered as a sign of respect to the older members of society amongst the Chinese. Additionally, it is a form of apology, and to celebrate and show gratitude. Receptors served to tap the index or middle finger to express informal gratitude to their host. China offers variations of oolong, black, and green tea. The different types have different ways of preparation. Tourists get to enjoy, learn the Chinese culture, and even participate in Drinking Tea Day in Hangzhou’s lively houses. The houses are social centers. In the past, the news would get to the houses before the masses. It also places a host for discussing issues and sharing ideas amongst peers.

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3. England

Black tea is the most prominent flavor amongst Britons. It is accompanied by milk or lemon, sugar, and assorted snacks and cakes.

Enthusiasts will love a trip to London. There is a variety of brew to enjoy an afternoon tea party. Different snacks aboard a double-decker bus tour around London accompany the party. Tourists view the sites and learn about Buckingham Palace and other landmarks. A tour in England is not complete without a visit to the Twining’s Museum where one gets to discover more flavors and tastes few cups of their favorite drink.

4. India

India mostly produces black tea. The brewed beverage is usually accompanied by milk, sugar, and spices though leaves are not steeped when brewing it. Tourists visit India’s famous estates in Nilgiri, Assam, and Deejarling. They learn the growth and manufacturing process of the products.

5. Morocco

In Morocco, mint is served to guests during parties and social gatherings. It is known as Berber whiskey by locals. If one is planning to stay at a traditional guesthouse they expect to be welcomed by this brew. It is a symbol of generosity and hospitality rather than a simple hot drink. Lovers are fascinated by the art of its preparation. The types of Moroccan brew are Atay, Nana, Louiza, Sheeba, and Flio. Atay occupies a very important place within Moroccan culture due to its symbolic worth. The benefits in Morocco are, it relieves respiratory problems, boosts the immune system, relieves digestive problems, soothes the mind and nerves, maintains good oral health, cleanses and clears out your skin, controls your weight.

6. Kenya

In Kenya, it is grown mainly in the highlands of Kericho. This town receives rainfall almost daily due to the favorable climate. The beautiful scenery plantations surround the small town of Kericho. Popular outlets offer masala, black, white, and black tea, locally known as strungi. Online tea and coffee shop, like Java, have provided a convenient alternative of ordering from the comfort of homes and offices. Its benefits are improved cardiovascular health, weight loss potential, and immune system support, reduced risk of diabetes, and caffeine that energizes one.

7. Japan

In Japan, Matcha is added. It is made by grinding dried green leaves into a velvety powder and served following intricately choreographed rituals. If you would like a traditional experience of the ceremony, visit Sengan-en in Kagoshima. Guests at Kyoto’s Camellia ceremony House can try their hand as a practitioner at the hosting ceremony. The types in Japan are Matcha, Sencha, Hojicha, Mugicha, Genmaicha, Sobacha, Gobocha, and Kombucha. The benefits are improving overall health, protect heart health, promote brain health, help in relaxation, lower the risk of diabetes, promote bone health, and weight loss.

8. Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the greatest tea lover’s destinations. We are talking of the Bagua plantations in southern Taipei. Here one can sip while relaxing and gazing at magnificent views of nature. These plantations are hard to spot. There are no crowds as compared to others. The scenery is breathtaking for individuals that visit. The types in Taiwan are oolong, black, green, and white tea. The benefits are that it reduces the risk of heart disease, boosts energy, lowers the risk of cancer, improves skin and teeth health, helps with weight loss, and strengthens bones.

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