Quick Logo Design Tips in Short Time


Quick Logo Design Tips in Short Time

Suffice to say that responsibility for designing the perfect logo for a brand is not as easy as it seems. Being a logo designer, you face many challenges on a daily basis which makes the process hectic and time-consuming. Coming up with a unique logo design is not enough when it comes to effective logo design. Changing demands of clients and constant rejection of ideas will keep you stuck on the same point. Another major issue that arises in the designing process of many designers is to manage the time. There is a time-limit specified to each logo design which turns on the panic button.

In a hurry to design an excellent logo, huge mistakes are made by logo designers which end up in failure. Have a look at five-step based method to design logo when you’re short on time.


  1. Perform Brainstorming

Get started with the brainstorming session and think outside the box. Ensure to give a creative touch to your ideas and sketch the selected one onto paper first. Divide your time accordingly and give sufficient time thinking about the idea and exploring every aspect of it. As a logo designer, your first consideration should be your client’s demands and expectations. If your clients already have an initial idea about the logo, focus on that and give a unique shape to it. Begin the design process by understanding your client’s needs and transform the idea according to business goals and objectives. Play with words and initials for the perfect design along with appealing visual elements.


  1. Refine Your Sketches

Sketches are a major component in effective logo designing, it makes your mind clear about the right designing of the logo. Set a target of about 40 to 45 minutes and sketch as many ideas as you can take help from the noted points. The specifications of clients will give you reference guiding you to select the perfect one according to business. Creating visual cues will ultimately take you towards refined logo design ideas. Don’t drag any idea more than a few minutes, give each one equal time. Transform the style, shape and colors of each and review each to select the strongest one. Give each idea ranking from the strongest to the weakest, helping you find out the best one.


  1. Represent Your Strongest Idea

Pick the design you have to mark the strongest one and go through other elements of the design. Consider a brand’s personality for this purpose and take the client’s thoughts on different color-combinations. For an appealing look, combine conservative colors like black or white with rainbow-bright colors. It will give the logo an incredibly catchy look drawing everyone’s attention. If you’ve selected a simple icon-inspired design for the logo, then go for multiple shades of a simple color or complement it with a refreshing blue or green color combination. If you don’t feel like going with brighter ones, make your logo luxurious with metallic textures like gold or copper. You can even give class and elegance with different shades of black, brown or grey.

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  1. Think About the Extras

After the completion of the strongest idea’s vectorization, it is time to think about the brand’s identity. Explore more about your client’s business and give logo design the true reflection of the brand. The information provided to you is never enough, to move forward you need a good amount of brand’s knowledge. Get to know other attributes of the business and visualize the brand on the bigger picture. You’re likely to get aware about the ‘extras’ giving your logo design more food. A basic logo design help itself doesn’t build a brand’s identity, it needs the perfect selection of different components. You can’t add random visuals into the logo design, handsome understanding will give you ways to connect different elements. It’ll eventually build an enhanced image for the brand.


When you’re running out of time, not enough span is available to think about ideas all day long. You need to manage your time accordingly picking the one that perfectly fits the brand. Wasting time on different ideas and giving each one a try will make your designing process even worst. Face this challenge smartly and use the above described efficient way to design an outstanding logo. It’ll balance your creativeness helping you to select the best idea with impressive elements for logo design.


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