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6 Factors to Consider When Producing Video Animations

When it comes to making an impression on the audience, there are many marketing strategies that can be used to be successful. However, no other marketing strategy possesses the power to attract viewers as videos and creative visuals.

According to research, the human brain processes the visual content ten times faster than reading texts. Not just that, they are likely to remember the name of the business better then reading it on some billboard or a blog. With that said, using corporate visuals and animations as a part of your marketing campaign can engage more audience to your business 10 times more than written content.

With the facts mentioned above, it can be said that businesses uses corporate animations to make sure their brand stays at the top of the viewers’ mind. This is what makes it imperative to understand various factors that can make animated videos a valuable asset for the business.

Once you understand all the factors of using animations for your company, you can hire video animation services to make sure you create a successful identity for your business. Here are six essential factors that you must consider when crafting a corporate video.

  1. Understanding the visual elements of a video

Videos containing suitable narrative can make an impression on the viewers. When it comes to a corporate video, having a story to tell the audience can engage them with the brand and mesmerize them influencing them to take action. There are four major elements of an animated video:

  • The character: what does your story hold? How does it influence the audience?
  • The quest: what are your pain points?
  • Climax: every story has a climax. In this case, it is you telling the audience how your product can solve their problem
  • The resolution: the call to action which can influence the audience to take an action.
  1. Human touch: how do your services benefit the audience?

People look for a brand that can solve their problems. They trust your brand when your business message can resonate with the audience. Therefore, when it comes to being successful, engage the audience with colorful illustrations that can add informative features to your brand. Once your customers can understand what you stand for, they are likely to choose you among the fierce competition.

According to the experts in the field, you must have the buyer’s persona to understand what they need. With the buyers’ persona, you can create an effective video that communicates directly with the audience.

  1. Brand personality: add your signature style in the video

Personalization of a marketing asset is something that sets you apart in the competition. But before talking assets, let’s discuss the science here—apparently, it’s a proven fact that people understand video animations more than the written text which is why corporations are using video animations for their benefits. So when it comes to crafting a corporate video to represent your brand, use your brand personality to produce exceptional results in the race of businesses. Use the right Colours and elements which describe your brand personality to the viewers. It also includes your audience and the niche industry you are targeting.

  1. Brand promotion: the placement of your logo design

The basic need of creating a video is to engage the audience and promote the brand. It is not hidden that a corporate video cannot be completed without placing the logo design and brand slogan in the video. Perhaps they are the two most important aspects of the video to create brand recognition. Needless to say that your logo design must be placed in such a way that is recognizable and memorable for the audience. Whether it is in the beginning of the video, or in between, it must be able to catch the eyes of the people.

  1. The engagement factor: taking care of the length of the video

Length of the video is the most crucial aspect of creating a video. It is something that determines if the audience will stay to watch the full length. Majorly, video animation is 30 seconds long which is the most engaging length of the video. However, you can extend it to two minutes long or more which is more suitable for to deliver your business message. Make sure that the length of the video encourages the audience to find more about your company rather than skipping on to the next one.

  1. The distribution: finding the right channels to share the video

This is the final step of the process and perhaps the most crucial step that you must consider when creating a video. Sharing the video is the ultimate goal of investing in the company to create a video. This means you must have already chosen the right channels which can help in attracting more audience to your business. This may be social media platforms as it is the easiest way to reach the audience. This is also the place which tells you the format and type of video you need for marketing.

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