Movies to enjoy at home. Home Theater Interior Guide


Movies to Enjoy at Home. Home Theater Interior Guide

Home Theater is the Best. Except for the hot summer or the harsh cold winter, there are not many days when you can go outside and enjoy good weather in a year. Even if you go out, you have to prepare and wait to watch a two-hour movie. If you think it’s inefficient, let’s dream of our home cinema, home theater. 

It’s an old saying that the idea is that only enthusiasts are expensive and expensive. Nowadays, I install a big screen TV or a screen and buy speakers, and I prefer the interior like a movie theater. Wouldn’t you like to feel the impression of high-quality sound and video through a wide project? Today, let’s learn about movies at home and interior guides for home theater. 

1. What is a home theater?

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If you translate the home theater directly, it is a ‘home theater’. Imagine a movie theater in a nice house that often appears in movies. Home theater interior means that you can play video with high-quality audio-visual equipment in our home without going to the movie theater through various equipment including video equipment. Thinking about expensive money and not thinking of luxury is a good thing. Due to the popularization of electronic devices, interest in home theaters is also increasing, as there are many cases where newly married couples purchase as coma.


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2. Minimum equipment to equip for home theater

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The basic composition of a home theater includes a video device, audio device, VCR, LD, and a playback device divided into DVDs. Video equipment can be divided into TV, projection TV, PDP, LCD, and projector. At this time, depending on the size of the house, TV is usually 32 inches or larger, and projects are 60 inches or larger. You can select an image device considering the resolution, cost, and taste. If you’re going to choose a project, consider DLP, which has a higher screen clarity and less product size and weight. Suitable for home theater use.
Speakers are especially important in home theater equipment. Five full speakers and one subwoofer are required to achieve 5.1-channel sound. There will be two front speakers that reproduce the music and sound effects of the movie, two center speakers that reproduce dialogue, and one rear speaker that will mainly give a sense of space. For 7.1-channel sound, think of the addition of two rear speakers. The subwoofer reproduces the very low bass and plays the sound from the explosion scene to enhance the three-dimensional effect of the sound.

3. Things to consider before installing a home theater

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Even expensive equipment is useless if it does not fit the space to be installed. You need to check the size of the room’s width, height, and height, and the speakers that need to be positioned depend on the type. If you install 7.1-channel sound with excessive greed in a very small space, you will not be able to enjoy the sound by hitting each other.

4. Home theater placement tips

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If so, let’s look at some things to note. The main speaker should be placed to the left and right to be a fan shape of 45 to 60 degrees relative to the center of the room. At this time, be careful that the sound may be reflected and halved if they are too close to each other or to the wall. It is recommended that the center speaker be placed at a height at the user’s ear position at the bottom of the screen. Surround speakers should be installed 60cm above the user’s level, but do not attach them too much to the ceiling. Likewise, the sound may hit the wall and you may not be able to enjoy it properly.

5. Approximate budget for home theater

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If you’ve learned about the composition of your home theater, then you might be curious about your budget. Even if it is a video device, it is divided into five or more, so the price difference is very different. At this time, don’t pick something expensive and choose a device with the proper function according to your budget. Among them, the importance of the speaker, which accounts for 50% of the total budget, seems obvious. The set of 5.1 channel speakers varies from 500,000 to 1.5 million won. In particular, the center speaker is responsible for 80% of the sound system. Consider this and make an appropriate budget.


At this time, it is important to match devices with each other, unless it is a set configuration. Be aware that inexpensive play and expensive speakers may not be able to perform.

6. Light to watch

120-inch screen in my living room, 40py modern interior modern living room by Hongye Design Modern

120-inch screen in my living room, 40py modern interior

Isn’t it best to enjoy movies or videos in a dark atmosphere? In fact, you can maximize the scene and focus on moving objects. If you’re only going to watch a movie, you don’t need any lighting, but these days, you often use projects instead of television to watch news or drama. At this time, if the natural light is too bright, the image may not be visible, so install a blackout curtain that can block the light, and use the light that is not too bright to efficiently use it in the space.

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In Nomad Design , the screen itself is used as a curtain. It seems that the rear part of the screen can be used for multi-purpose by blocking the window that illuminates the library by selecting the black color.  

If you want to know more about the study interior, 

7. Good furniture to match together

Basement Cinema Room Modern media room by HiFi Cinema Ltd.  Modern

Basement Cinema Room

Cinema modern media room using high ceiling structure by homify modern

Cinema using high ceiling structure

Movie theaters and fluffy chairs are inseparable. When positioning the speaker, it is based on the position where the person sits and listens. Considering this, let’s match the wing chair or sofa to enjoy the comfort in a comfortable position. A table where you can put popcorn together is also good. Choose a low table that doesn’t interfere with the way the sound moves.