How I Maintain the Same Weight for 23 Years


How I Maintain the Same Weight for 23 Years

Story of A Fitness Freak

I am in my 40s now. And since high school, I’ve been maintaining my bodyweight of about 2kg (excluding pregnancy). 165cm and 52kg is not a slim body like a model, but it is a convenient body that is healthy for an ordinary person like me and easy to pick clothes when shopping.

I’m not very involved in maintaining weight, but I am proud that I have been maintaining the same weight for 23 years, and I feel like this record is a little awful (?) and I want to keep it as long as possible. So I decided to summarize the method once.

Overcoming My Diet Handicap

Once I have a handicap. That is, I love beer, ice cream, and fried food. In the case of ice cream, buy a bottle of Hagen-Dazs and eat it all on your own. It’s not that’eat all’ is important, but it’s a handicap that says’stop eating’ and can’t stop! So I decided not to buy ice cream when I was alone. If you buy ice cream only when the whole family is together, you will be able to reduce the amount of food you eat because you share it.

In the case of fried food, it is a control. However, since you can’t eat, you can eat a limited number of times. For example, you have set the rule to eat fried food once a day.

And beer. Beer is a hybrid of ice cream and fried food. Once it gets dark, if you think,’You shouldn’t drink beer today,’ but if you read or write something at a moment and you can’t stop because you don’t sleep well, then you can’t sleep, and you’ll end up drinking another beer. It may occur. I can’t drink beer, so I decided to drink it several times a week. (The number of times is not enough to reveal proudly.)

One Night meal for Diet
One night, a drink prepared suddenly with the side dish left over during the day

Exercise and outdoor activities

Instead, they tend to practice sports and outdoor activities well with their own lifestyle.

Starting at Kumdo in junior high school, he has been practicing life movements since jazz dancing, aikido, marathon, and swimming. Besides, it seems that there is a lot of activity itself. He walks a lot during commuting, and always enjoys hiking on weekends and on trips.

Jogging In THE paRK
After jogging in the iron man competition and in the park

So the way I am to maintain my weight

  1. Limit calories.

Daily calories are now limited to 1200. Not exactly counting, for example, rice for one day, air for the main menu, foods fried in the main menu (e.g. pork cutlet, fried dumplings, fried chicken, etc.) only once a day, moderately eaten with fruits, and coffee only with Americano hot .

You have to decide what you can give up and what you can’t give up, and make adjustments in it to make it last. For example, if you want to drink beer, you rarely eat dinner (3 tablespoons of rice and a little side dish), but you can drink beer at night, but not snacks. Of course, there are occasional cheating days. On weekends with a lot of activity (if you’re hiking or swimming for a long time with children), you can also eat fried food and beer at night.

  1. Eat the food you want to eat (within calories).

So I don’t stand the food I want to eat. However, eat by reducing the amount or by limiting the number of times, and calories per day are solved within 1200. For example, if you want to eat noodles, avoid wheat flour noodles by eating buckwheat or cold noodles (leave soup). For long-term calorie restrictions, it’s good to negotiate without destroying my happiness.

  1. I think exercise is a daily routine.

Regular exercise is currently four times a week. Three of them run 10km outside alone at dawn, and once enjoy leisure with the family. For example, they ride bicycles in the park, play basketball, soccer, and frisbee with their children. In particular,  jogging at dawn is a bit of my ritual time, but after a long absence, I feel a little insecure. Rather than being anxious about gaining weight, I seem to be anxious because I feel like I can’t spend my own time psychologically and the day didn’t start cleanly.

But exercise should never start with too big a goal from the beginning. The most important thing is to make it a habit that is not painful. The recommended method for those around you is to start a workout with a teacher, a class that you can do with cool men/women. Dance, yoga, swimming, climbing, etc. can be done in groups, and there are teachers who teach you.

  1. Stretch before bed

Stretch with your children before bed. It is said to help with a good night’s sleep (along with beer), improve blood circulation, and increase metabolic rate, which also helps with body care. I have low blood pressure in particular, so I can definitely feel better when I stretch. It is good to watch 10 minutes of YouTube videos these days and feel free to do so.

  1. Calorie Management when traveling

When you leave home on a business trip or travel, it is often difficult to limit calories. This is especially true in countries with a lot of food that I like. I jog around the hotel whenever possible, even on a business trip. You can really enjoy the city and feel like you’re a local, and it’s really fun to see every corner. If the weather doesn’t suit you, sometimes you do it in a hotel gym, but the luggage is a little less fun, but it’s good to try new equipment.

If you are traveling, be sure to include one outdoor activity in your day. I mainly like hiking in nearby mountains or learning new sports. There are no mountains in Singapore, so if you go to a country where there are mountains, you should definitely go hiking. When I went to Bali, I went to the volcano of Batur, and when I went to Jiai, Taiwan, I climbed to see the sunrise, but the children climbed too well, and it was a long and memorable time. Also, when I went to Ireland, I participated in a horse-trotting course, and I rode horses on hills that seemed to be in the’storm hill’, so calories are consumed. ate.

It’s good to be able to make a good excuse to keep delicious memories and eat delicious food.

Although maintaining these habits, the annual health checkup says that cholesterol is high since 2 years ago. Doctors also said that it is surprising that cholesterol is higher than the weight or waist circumference. Alas, should I increase my momentum? It’s difficult to control food anymore… What’s the best way to try it when you’re in your 40s dieting for health, not your body anymore?