How To Upgrade An Old Kitchen With Quartz Worktop Overlays


How To Upgrade An Old Kitchen With Quartz Worktop Overlays

A worktop overlay is one of the most affordable ways to renovate a kitchen worktop. The process is simple and does not involve any demolition of the existing worktop. It is a great choice for homeowners who prefer to cut down costs and avoid hassles when renovating their homes.

The kitchen worktops tend to leave a lasting impact on one’s mind. As such, you must maintain the look and sheen of your kitchen worktop over time. Sadly, that is easier said than done, as a kitchen worktop tends to lose its shine and become dull from wear and tear. The trouble increases manifold if the material used for the worktop surface is not durable or long-lasting. If that is the case, the homeowner needs to upgrade a kitchen worktop with worktop overlays.

Benefits of Kitchen Overlays

One of the main benefits of opting for worktop overlays is the costs involved. Worktop overlays do not require you to demolish the existing worktop and install one from scratch, thereby reducing the costs related to both processes. The process only involves fitting a new worktop over an existing worktop, which reduces the costs related to worktop installation significantly.

A worktop overlay is a more reasonable choice for those who wish to renovate their kitchen and get a new look without burning a hole in their pockets. Worktop overlays provide a rather impressive kitchen makeover option for those on a budget.

Worktop overlays also enable one to enjoy working on a worktop surface of their choice rather than sticking to an existing one that does not meet their requirements. Since the process involves fitting a new worktop surface over an existing worktop, it is easy to choose a more preferable worktop material like quartz, which is more durable and comes with a slew of other benefits like scratch resistance, heat resistance, bacteria resistance and, of course, a classy, sophisticated look.

The Best Materials for Kitchen Overlays

When it comes to kitchen overlays, the best materials for the purpose would include granite and quartz stone. Both are natural stones and have a stunning visual appeal as a worktop surface. On top of that, both materials are known for their extended longevity and durability, which is required in workspaces like kitchens.

Both granite and quartz are also available in various sizes and thicknesses. This makes it easier for them to be cut down to size according to the requirements of the existing worktop dimensions. This, in turn, ensures proper and seamless fitting over the existing countertop without any issues. The process involved is neither complicated nor messy and is less destructive, thus making it easier for you to clean up afterwards.

Steps for the Kitchen Overlay Process

Although it may sound and seem like a simple process, make sure to carry out the worktop overlay process via an experienced professional.

Step 1: Meeting The Professional And Setting Expectations

Your first step would be to speak to an experienced professional about the requirements for your new worktop overlay. The professional would first need to visit your home and assess the condition of the existing worktop to see if it can handle the weight of a new kitchen overlay.

The professional would then sit down with you and talk about the choice of materials and styles for the worktop overlay. Factors like resistance to heat, stains, scratches, cuts, etc. will need to be taken into consideration. During this discussion, you and the professional would come to a mutual understanding of the entire process involved in the fitting of the worktop overlay. This is then followed by the professional taking down the measurements of the existing worktop.

Step 2: Designing And Finalizing The Template

The professional would then move onto to designing a basic template of the kitchen worktop to assess the costs involved in the process. A contract would be drawn up listing these specifications and would need to be signed by all the parties involved to ensure that there is no scope for any disagreements later on.

Step 3: Move From Template To Fabrication

It is only after the contract has been signed that the actual design phase starts. The template is used as a reference to fabricate the original worktop overlay using a material like quartz stone.

Step 4: Installation Of New Worktop Overlay

Once the actual worktop overlay has been fabricated, the team will start the installation process. It will take a few hours to fit the new worktop overlay over the existing one. The new worktop will be kept in place carefully and then bonded to the existing worktop, with the team taking care to ensure a seamless installation for a neat result.

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