How to Change Mouse DPI on Window 10

How to change Mouse DPI

How to Change the Mouse DPI for Window 10 and Window 7

To Start with How to change Mouse DPI, First need to understand the meaning of DPI. DPI is a short term that is used for Mouse Movement per inch, DPI Stands for Dots Per Linear Inch,  for the mouse to work properly one must have a proper DPI setting for the mouse. So a user must keep on changing the DPI setting after every few days.

What is DPI and how it effects Performance?

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. Mouse DPI measures mouse sensitivity. You can change and instantly adjust the pointer speed by changing the mouse DPI in the mouse settings.

As explained earlier DPI is Movement of Cursor for Dots per Inch or Dot per Linear Inch. DPI Setting is adjustable and you can change the setting according to your need from the setting on mouse from Control panel of the Window.

DPI is very important when you use your mouse for gaming and other editing related work where you need to use Mouse sensitivity very carefully. The higher the number of DPIs, the Higher the mouse sensitivity, and the pointer will also move fast. Latest mouse has the DPI dedicated button on the Fly, On the Top, or the right side where you can instantly adjust your DPI performance of the mouse.

Dpi Detects the small movement of your mouse and respond according to the sensitivity set in the setting. It’s not recommended to set DPI on the highest bar because it may not ideal for every use. It affects a lot on how you use your mouse and how you want the DPI function to work.

How to change Mouse DPI

There are many ways to change the Mouse Dpi on your window 7 and Windows 10. We will explain some important steps for how to change mouse DPI.

First: Use of DPI Button on the Mouse.

Ever wonder what is the purpose of the Button on the mouse just Below the Scroll Button. This is the Button which is Called DPI Button on the fly. This button helps to Adjust the DPI setting by clicking.

  1. Look for a Button on the Mouse depending on which mouse you use, Normally it is located below the Scroll button or on either side of your Mouse.

  1. Press the button to change the Mouse DPI or Mouse Sensitivity according to your need.
  2. When you will press the DPI Button it will show you the DPI Setting on the Screen or Monitor or maybe you will see a notification about the DPI Change.


DPI button is only available on the latest Mouse, But what if you are using Pad mouse or the old mouse which might not have the DPI Switch button what you will, do How you will change the mouse DPI.  You don’t need to worry there is another way of How to change Mouse DPI in window 7 and window 10 from the Settings.

How to change Mouse DPI from Setting from Control Panel

You can always change the mouse DPI from Setting in the Control panel. Please follow the steps explained in Detail So you will not get miss led.

  1. First You need to Access your Control Panel from Your Start Menu.Control Panel from Start Menu
  2. Click on the Mouse to Open Mouse PropertiesMouse setting in Control Panel
  3. Look for the Third Bar Pointer Option and Click
  4. You will see the First Section Motion Select a ponter Speed for your mouse how ever you feel Comfortable.
  5. Then Uncheck the Enhance Pointer Precision

Pointer Precision Option

This is Optional to Uncheck the Pointer Precision Option,  This option causes the Mouses Cursor to move fast and Show waves, The faster you move your mouse you will see the Precision with the Cursor.

  1. After Doing Proper Changes to the DPI setting click on Apply and Then Click OK.

You have Successfully adjusted your Mouse DPI Setting.

How to access Mouse Setting without Going to Control Panel

  1. Open Start Menu and Click on the Setting Button on the Left Panel.Access Setting from Control Panel
  2. Click on Ease of Access Option
  3. Scroll to the Mouse Option
  4. Then Click on Change Other Mouse Options
  5. Then Click on Aditional Mouse Option
  6. You will The The Same interface as explain above from Control Panel.

Follow the Same Procedure as Explained Above to Adjust the Mouse DPI Setting.