How spy software for WhatsApp helps to Monitor Employee’s Activities?

Whatsapp Spy One

How spy software for WhatsApp helps to monitor employee’s activities?

Communication is very important these days and today business organizations empower their employees to do it via digital communication channels. Employers and employees have to communicate with each other in working hours and they always do believe digital communication has broken the barrier between the employees those who need to communicate for productivity.

Therefore, business firms have allowed their employees to use instant messaging apps likewise WhatsApp as a communication tool. It empowers users to send and receive text messages, instant chat, audio-video calls, conference calls, group chat, sharing of documents, media, last but not the least empowers you to send voice messages.

Whatsapp Spy One

Where the problem lies?

Though social messaging apps like WhatsApp are helpful for business enterprises there are other certain issues are associated with it. Employees used to chat with each other for personal issues, share the company’s secrets by stealing data from business owned phones and tablets. Moreover, time-wasting activities have bad effects on the productivity of the business.

That’s why employers have to get their hands Spy software for WhatsApp to deal with and supervise all the activities employees used to perform on the instant messenger in real-time. Let’s get to know about the tool that empowers employers to get the job done.

What is WhatsApp spying software?

It is a powerful tool packed inTheOneSpymobile spy and particularly developed and designed as a masterpiece of a craft man for the surveillance of employees using the instant messaging app in working hours. You can install it on the target device and further you can use its powerful tools likewise WhatsApp logging. It empowers you to monitor messages; chat conversations, audio-video calls shared media files, and last but not least voice messages. Moreover, you can upload all the information of the social messaging app to the web portal.

How to get & install the WhatsApp tracking app?

If you are an employer and you are struggling to supervise the activities of your employees on WhatsApp messenger. Simply go to the official webpage of the mobile spy app and once you are on it then get the subscription online. Moreover, check your email account and visit the received email that provides you the passcode and ID.

Now you have to get your hands on your business device and start the process of installation. When you have ended up with the process of installation then you need to activate it on the target device. Now it is the best time for you to use the password and ID and get access to the online web portal. In addition to that, you can visit multiple tools that allow you to track the social messaging app to the fullest and upload the information to the web portal.

Use Mobile phone surveillance Features to spy on WhatsApp of employees

Live screen recording

Users can get access to the online dashboard where you can activate the screen recorder. It certainly empowers you to make short videos of the screen when the target user is up to the activities. Moreover, you can send the recording of the messenger on the web portal. You can make videos of messaging activities, chat conversations, audio-video call logs, multimedia sharing, and last but not least voice messages.

WhatsApp logs

Users can use the online dashboard and get access to the cellphone device installed instant messaging app. In addition to that, you can read and get the logs of WhatsApp in terms of messages, chat conversations, audio-video call logs, sharing of multimedia and voice messages.

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Employers can also screenshots tool that you need to activate it on the target device via the web portal sync setting button. In addition to that, you can schedule multiple screenshots at once on the target device, so you can capture social media app activities and send them to the online web portal.

Keystrokes logging

Users can get to know about all the keystrokes applied to the WhatsApp social media app on a business owned mobile device. It means you can monitor the keystrokes of messenger credentials, passwords, and messages keystrokes.


WhatsApp spy is the best tool for employers that empower them to monitor employee’s activities on the messenger.