How do you use Real estate SEO to get more traffic?


How do you use Real estate SEO to get more traffic?

Research shows that 90% of people begin their house buying process online, with 53% starting their search on the internet. The Internet has become a hub of information, entertainment, products, and services. There is not much that you won’t be able to find online. We see most businesses turning towards the digital world knowing its importance in their growth as a brand.

Most people turn towards the web whenever they want to look for a new property purchase. It is just more effective and less time-consuming. Studies show that most property buyers consider real estate websites the most helpful source of information to guide and help them through the buying process. In the last couple of years frequency of real estate searches has also gone up. Needs of the current time call upon real estate businesses too mark their place in the digital world.

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Make your Self Prominent

How do you make a prominent place for yourself in the digital world? That is possible by carrying out efficient real estate SEO. What does SEO mean? Search engine optimization is the process of getting better ranking for your site on search engines and getting more traffic. It also increases your conversion rate. If you don’t show up in people searches there is no point of being digitally available as a brand. Without better visibility, you will fail to find potential clients which can be very frustrating. If you are hoping to sell some properties online it is better if you invest in SEO services.


There are certain techniques that real estate agents can use to improve their SEO game and we are going to discuss them in this article, so continue reading to get a better insight on how to increase traffic using SEO services for real estate agents, for your real estate website

Ways to get more traffic


Target local keywords

Studies show that 69% of people looking to buy a house begin their search with local keyword phrases. When you begin your online real estate business try to put your primary focus on one locality and optimize your keywords according to that area. You can put these words on the pages of your website to optimize your content for search engines. Use keywords in such a way that makes your content useful, a resource to your audience. To be able to capture the local audience really works in your favor, as you have better chances to rank higher.


Blog entries

Blog posts are a great way to create informative and engaging content for your audience. A good technique is to choose specific addresses to write your blog posts on. USe the address as a keyword, optimizing it into your meta description, title, and content. However, if you really want to rank higher using address as the keyword then you really need to come up with some unique content.

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Use visual content

Textual content is good and informative but visual content is a lot more engaging. Visual content has a stronger impact on us and is likely to remain in our memory for longer. When it comes to real estate, engaging visual content becomes even more important. People want to get insight into what you have to offer. That is why video tours and images of houses they might want to buy proves to be great content for your website.


Make your site mobile friendly

89% of home buyers begin their home search from their mobiles, nearly most of these days have a smartphone and like to use it as a means of convenience, it is just so much faster and easier. So make sure while designing your website that it is mobile responsiveness. So that users can reach your website easily no matter where they are and can reach out to you through their phones.


Get listed in directories

A lot of people turn towards real estate agent directories when looking for a property because they want a reliable source for the services they need. By listing on these directories you come off as a reliable and trustworthy source. The more people trust your site the more traffic you are going to get.


Use social media

There is a lot of potential traffic available on social media platforms that you can gain as potential clients. It makes all the sense to be using social media to promote your real estate services. Social media is great for connecting to your audience through visual and textual content.



SEO is important for any business to increase their website traffic and customer engagement. In the same way, if a real estate website wants to increase its sales they need to work on their SEO services and improve their website ranking on search engines. 

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