Governor Newsom Shines a Spotlight on Ongoing Initiatives to Restore Significant Los Angeles Freeway

Authorities Report Closure of Section of Interstate 10 in Los Angeles Due to Extensive Pallet Fire

California is employing a comprehensive government-wide strategy to address the repair of the 10 Freeway, a crucial transportation artery in Los Angeles, managing a daily traffic volume of over 300,000 vehicles.

LOS ANGELES – Governor Gavin Newsom delivered an update today on the ongoing initiatives to restore the 10 Freeway in Los Angeles, which suffered a significant closure due to a massive weekend fire. Since the incident, work crews have been tirelessly operating on-site 24/7.

The state is urgently adopting an all-encompassing government approach to remedy the 10 Freeway, a vital Los Angeles thoroughfare with an estimated daily traffic flow exceeding 300,000 vehicles. Governor Newsom, alongside Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass and various local and state officials, visited the site to oversee ongoing activities, including the removal of hazardous materials, damage assessment, and preparations for necessary repairs. Shoring work has commenced on compromised pillars to ensure worker safety, and engineers are actively assessing the subsequent repair steps. Core samples from the pillars are undergoing analysis to ascertain the bridge’s structural integrity, with initial findings proving promising. However, further testing is imperative before finalizing the repair plans.

“California is utilizing a comprehensive government approach, operating around the clock to mobilize resources for expeditious repairs to the 10 Freeway. Although this is a time-consuming process, we are establishing ambitious deadlines and meeting them. We are leaving no stone unturned as we explore ways to expedite this endeavor,” stated Governor Gavin Newsom.

Shailen Blatt, Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), visited the site today, emphasizing the close collaboration between the federal government and the state to promptly and safely reopen the 10 Freeway. This undertaking is likely to qualify for federal reimbursement under the FHWA emergency relief program.

Governor Newsom disclosed that CAL FIRE investigators consider the fire suspicious and are treating it as arson. Legal action was taken months ago to evict the lessee, Apex Development, Inc., for non-payment of rent and lease agreement violations, such as subletting the property without state and federal approvals. A court date is scheduled for February.

Over the weekend, Governor Newsom declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles County to support the state’s response. The proclamation facilitates cleanup and repair work and directs Caltrans to formally request assistance through the Federal Highway Administration’s Emergency Relief Program if deemed necessary.

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