Gifts For The Star Wars Fan In Your Life

Star Wars Gifts

Looking for a unique gift for a Star Wars fan? We have the perfect list of awesome ideas for anybody who loves the series of movies. From model construction sets where you can build your own very own Millennium Falcon to super cool R2-D2 figurines, there are plenty of options to choose from as you’ll come to see. If you need inspiration for choosing a gift in this category, we have you covered with the ideas below!

1. Graphic t-shirts

You can’t go wrong with a graphic t-shirt and there are lots of great designs to choose from. Perhaps the person you’re buying for is a big fan of Luke Skywalker for example and a tee with their favorite character on it is going to be ideal. There are also plenty of cute children’s options to choose from also and we think there’s no better gift than a wearable one, don’t you agree?

2. Star Wars model kits

If you’re seeking a gift for somebody who likes hands-on activities, a Star Wars-themed model kit could be perfect! You can find a huge range of amazing Star Wars Models at Model Scape to choose from, allowing you to personalize your gift for that special someone. The great thing about model kits is that you can choose from different difficulty levels too. Whether you’re buying a gift for an experienced builder or a beginner, you’ll be sure to find something!

3. Stationery

Pens, pencils, rulers – they all come in handy. Themed stationery can be a fantastic practical gift for anyone, whether they’re a student or an office worker. If you’re buying a gift for a child at school, a pencil case filled with Star Wars stationery is a great idea. You can take things a step further for a creative person and go for a Star Wars art set featuring all the favorite characters.

4. Homeware and accessories

There’s a fantastic range of Star Wars homeware online to choose from including everyday cushions and fancier pieces such as Stormtrooper terrariums. No matter the budget you have, you’re guaranteed to find something that’ll complete any themed bedroom. Children will love getting into bed with their Star Wars blanket or cushion to rest on.

5. A drinking mug

Mugs make great affordable gifts for both adults and children. There are some awesome designs out there including mugs that change their design based on temperature and extra-large ones too. If the Star Wars fan you’re selecting a gift for has just moved into a new home, a doormat could be a welcomed choice and there’s no better way to say welcome to guests!

Of course, if you’re in doubt as to which gift to buy for your Star Wars fan you can always go for a DVD, but it’s always best to think outside the box. However, all of the ideas above are great ideas for anyone who enjoys Star Wars, and depending on the budget you have, there’s an opportunity to get creative with your choice too.