Environment Friendly Kraft Paper Gift Boxes


Kraft Paper Gift Boxes – An Environment-Friendly Gif Packaging 

Gifts are the best way of displaying our feelings for our loved ones. That’s why you can give presents whenever you feel like giving. There are no set rules to give gifts. But there are certain occasions when giving presents has become more of a part of tradition and culture. These occasions include birthdays, weddings, graduations, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and many other occasions.

On all these occasions, you need two things: a suitable present and good packaging. If you have these two things covered, you are good to go.

Selecting the right present is a crucial part of the whole ritual. A suitable gift for one individual may not be suitable for someone else. For instance, you wouldn’t want to pick a gaming console for your grandmother. Instead, a better gift will be something that elderly people like. So, the process of choosing the right gift is important. The right gift also depends a lot on the occasion and many other factors.

Once you are through the process of picking the right gift, time for the next thing, the packaging. It is crucial just like selecting the right present; choosing the right packaging is also of paramount importance. It may sound like an exaggeration, but it is not.

Your gift packaging is responsible for displaying your present in a presentable manner. Also, the packaging adds a surprise factor as no one knows what present is inside the packaging. Therefore, picking a gift box that has the qualities you need is important.

There are many different boxes you can use as your gift packaging, but my personal favorite is the kraft paper gift boxes.

Kraft gift boxes 

Kraft gift boxes have many qualities that make them a great option for your presents. There are many qualities you can find in these boxes that make them different, but the most prominent of the lot is their eco-friendly nature. Their environment-friendly nature is a significant plus, but not the only plus. There are many other qualities you can find in these boxes. If I make a list of all of them, I can not even fit them in this article. So, I only mentioned a few well-known qualities of these boxes.

Eco-Friendly Nature

The ecofriendly qualities of any Kraft packaging are their major highlight. These boxes do not contribute to any type of land pollution and are often prepared from recycled chemical pulp. The recycled chemical pulp constitutes a large part of the recipe of the Kraft material. So, pack your presents inside one of these boxes, and no need for feeling guilty about damaging mother nature.

Kraft material is recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable. By far, it is the most eco-friendly packaging I know about. Use these boxes for your presents in your festivities without harming the mother nature.

A versatile packaging 

Kraft is a versatile material that offers many customizations and packaging making options. With the Kraft material, you can have various types of gift boxes. They do not have to be the usual square cartons. Rather, you can go with appealing options like pillow gift boxes, favor boxes, window boxes, and many others. With such a variety of options, you can score a solid presentation for the present. Besides, a unique shape of packaging will keep the recipients guessing what present is inside the boxes. Thus, adding a bit more fun to your present.

Less is More Nature

Kraft boxes are naturally brown in color. The brown color of these boxes is already very appealing. You do not need to do a lot with these boxes. But, if you want to make some customizations, there are many options you can go with. The customization options are not as many as in the case of card stock, but still, all the options you need to make your present special are there.

Even with all these options, I prefer to keep my boxes simple with a little bit of printing. Even your simple Kraft boxes can help you score a fantastic presentation. I work at a packaging making company, and I can tell from what I have seen that many people have the same thinking as me – the same less is more philosophy.

Kraft – A rising trend

Because of the increasing awareness in the public about the eco-friendly nature of Kraft boxes, Kraft packaging is becoming more of a fashion trend. Many big brands are ditching their old packaging boxes with their Kraft counterpart. So, one thing is for certain; nobody minds the simplistic brown appearance of these boxes when compared to all the pluses on the side of Kraft.

Because of all these qualities of the materials and the rising trend in favor of Kraft, these boxes are ideal options for your gift packaging.