E-commerce Web Design Trends to Beat the Competition


E-commerce Web Design Trends to Beat the Competition

E-commerce is an emerging market with a lot of competitors. Most of the big names are operating worldwide. Amazon and Alibaba are e-commerce stores offering a wide range of products to both target audience, business to business, and business to customers. Hence, focusing upon a single niche with a single product category on an online market is nearly impossible. But something needs to be done to beat the competitive edge.

There are a lot of competing factors to focus upon. E-commerce websites are operative by all sorts of customers and they only convert for professional websites. It indicates the importance of having your website designed professionally that build up the customer experience.

How can a web design build up a customer experience? There is no physical store to promote. You can not market your product in a store full of your branded products with a great sales team. In e-commerce, the entire work has to be done by a single interactive website. Thus, increasing its marketing value.

An e-commerce website is the only thing that can help market your brand and beat your competition. To beat your competitors you need to get ranked as well. To get ranked there are numerous things to follow to update your algorithm, however, if your customers are enjoying visiting your website, you do not have to worry about anything.

If a customer is spending good quality time on your website, it means your e-commerce website design is influential enough to convert sales. So, how can you increase your visitor’s time? It can be done by integrating those features that help divert their time for more queries. Here are some tips and tricks to boost your web design to get more traffic,

  • Customer Interactions
  • Voice Search
  • Animations

Customer Interactions:

In a physical store it is easy to interact with your customer but what about an online store? There is no salesperson, no customer, and no products to debate on. This means that your web experience should convey your message and interact with your potential customer. Installing a chatbot is a usual method but what about installing a bot or a customer representative who monitors what a visitor is looking for and interact via the audio or textual form. Incorporating videos might seem a bit odd as it will ruin the freedom of home shopping.

Thus, continuous interactions with the visitor will keep him busy and increase his spending time. This will help in SEO as well. Keeping him busy by sending links is not the ultimate choice, personalized chat regarding his search query and taking him to the relevant product meeting his specifications is the best strategy.

Voice Search:

E-commerce shopping is all about ease of access. Mobile phones are the widely used technical device to make a rapid purchase. Voice recognition in competing brands has altered the way a customer search online. His search query has transformed into audio and his sentence construction has varied depending on his speaking style. This gives e-commerce an edge to work on.

Integrating keywords in your web design in that way of communication can help in better marketing. Writing ad copies following your customer’s speech style will help get more reviews. Similarly, including a voice search on your website is a unique designing element.

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This voice integration will help customers find their desired list of products quickly yet interactively. It can be customized if the bot also replies with the search results. A filtered search result list will help you get sales easily.


While planning on designing the best e-commerce website design, it is important to work on some creative and catchy design styles as well. For that, animations are the best. Animations increase the viewership and it helps in improving the average time spent by a visitor on each page. Thus, having a product-oriented 2-5 seconds animation can help boost your marketing game. This will also help the visitors to prefer your website from the competitors due to creative design.

In marketing terms, this helps in changing the customer perception about your brand. If your brand looks different from the rest of the competition, it is valued by the customers. If it is valued, the chances of sales conversion are increased. This is what every business is looking for. Thus, including these trending features that improve in beating your competition and gaining sales is the best branding strategy.

Finally, beating your online competition with such big names is not an easy task, but it is worth a try. Your store might not hit the mark immediately, but focusing on these tips will help you improve your current marketing position that helps in getting sales. These are all 2020 latest trends and tips that you should incorporate in your e-commerce website.

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