Classy yet trendy cake for every celebration


Classy yet trendy cake for every celebration           

Cakes are beautiful and a proper addition, right from birthdays to anniversaries. And cakes are also available in so different kinds of varieties and flavors, the common ones such as chocolate, vanilla and fruit and also the adventurous ones such as nuts or ginger spice. While there are traditional cakes available for specific situations and celebrations, some cakes are actually applicable to each and every kind of occasion. A handful of them is mentioned right below, which are classy, trendy, and quite interesting.

  1. Oreo Cake:

Oreo is a much-loved snack globally, whereas oreo cookies are something people eagerly get their hands on all the time. So, if oreos are actually available in the form of cakes, wouldn’t that be an absolute hit? I know it will be. Not only is the batter filled with pieces of oreos, but icing is supposed to be full of crushed Oreos also, not to forget the toppings of oreo pieces. This is quite a heavenly dream for Oreo lovers which you can enjoy by choosing the option of order cake online.

  1. Kit Kat cake:

Another much-loved thing across the world is the Kit Kat; everyone absolutely loves this wafer-chocolate, as it also tells you ‘take a break’. If you are looking for beautiful anniversary cake ideas, then stop the search; here we have, is the unique idea of combining cakes with Kit Kats. Employ a delicious chocolate batter and make sure that this chocolate used is actually Kit Kat. Use crushed chocolate in the icing and decorates the cake with more Kit Kat pieces. Doesn’t that sound like a Kit Kat paradise to you? It does to me, at least.

  1. Kiwi Cake:

Kiwis are exotic little fruits, one which is regarded as elite and delicious. One of the trendy cake for a birthday would be a nicely made Kiwi Cake. Mix the fruit in a nice vanilla base and should be covered with nice, complimentary icing. However, there are many people who don’t do well with this amazing fruit; kiwi allergies are very common. If you are thinking of using this cake for any kind of celebration, then first make sure the fruit is not someone’s allergy because it can wreak havoc in that person’s life.

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  1. Walnut cake:

Walnuts have a unique taste, a little bitter but a lot savory and pleasant flavor. Walnut cake, somehow, tastes deliciously irresistible, as is humanly possible. The frosting, filled with walnuts, and the base, again filled with walnuts, would give this cake some beautiful taste, as described above. If you are looking for a romantic cake for anniversary, this cake would actually become a beautiful choice for this, albeit an unusual one. Usually, walnuts are usually paired with coffee in such combination, but a normal walnut flavored cake sounds awesome and would most probably taste heavenly.

  1. Garden Cake:

Garden cake doesn’t mean using leaves and flowers in the batter or frosting and icing; in fact, you will be using real blooms and leaves to actually decorate the cake of your choosing. This happens to be a beautiful one of the anniversary cake ideas, especially if the couple or at least one of them is a nature lover. Apply some small, pretty flowers in a nice geometrical pattern on the cake and make the baker paint some realistic-looking natural patterns on the cake. Better yet, just drape flowery vines on the cake and it will give an ethereally earthy charm to the cake.

  1. Fresh flowers:

Flowers are beautiful, as you already know it; and fresh ones, even more so. Get some nice vanilla or chocolate cake, plain if you can get such. However, do one thing and decorate this plain cake by adding a nice splash of color with the help of flowers such as roses or gerberas. It would prove to be a better option than making flowers out of icing, don’t you think? Make sure, however, that you don’t let the kids eat the flowers.

  1. Drips of Chocolate:

Cakes and chocolate go so well, its uncanny. Get a normal cake, any flavor, but chocolate would be much appropriate here. The decoration or topping here would be little gentle drips of chocolates – or maybe some big portion of liquid chocolates drizzling down the top of the cake. This would actually become a nice addition to a birthday party and therefore, you can actually get this cake in a Birthday cake delivery USA, or Italy or anywhere across the world to enjoy. Get the chocolaty drips on the cake and ultimately, in your mouth.

Cakes are, as mentioned above, ethereally delicious. If you are confused about what to choose for the impending occasion, including anniversaries, birthdays and success parties, then don’t worry about that anymore – fixate on any one of these delicious delicacies and you are good to go!