Answering The Most Common Questions About Join Merchant Navy


The Most Common Questions About Join Merchant Navy

You have landed on this post, so you must know what merchant navy is and could be interested in pursuing a career in this field. If you have any doubts or uncertainties even after doing a lot of research and consulting people, this is the right place for you to get all your questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Merchant Navy

Before choosing the merchant navy as a profession, you must clear all your doubts. Here are the answers to some common questions related to a merchant navy career.

Is the work of the Merchant navy and Navy similar?

No, they are entirely different. Most people are usually confused between these two terms and misuse them. Merchant navy involves commercial marine services where ships carry both cargo and people across various destinations. The Navy, on the other hand, is engaged in defense of the nation.

Is the merchant navy exam difficult to pass?

Plenty of hard work, commitment, and dedication are required while you are preparing for the exam. The level of difficulty for a candidate depends on how well they have studied. For some, the exam is incredibly easy, while for others, it is incredibly challenging.

What are the eligibility criteria to join the merchant navy?

To join the merchant navy, the following is the eligibility criteria:

  • You must have cleared your grade 12th examination with +60% in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths & +50% in English.
  • You must be an unmarried Indian citizen.
  • Your age must be between 17 years and 25 years.
  • You must not be color blind and have a healthy vision.


Is it difficult to get a job?

Opportunities in the merchant navy career and the demand for qualified maritime professionals have increased over time. If a candidate has the required skills and expertise, getting a job isn’t difficult. Some institutes also offer placement platforms where companies can hire candidates.

Am I eligible to join the merchant navy if I have a tattoo?

Yes, you are. There are no restrictions for tattoos in the merchant navy. However, it is advised to have tattoos that are not easily visible and should not offend someone as the profession has high disciplinary standards.

What is the future of the merchant navy?

As the profession is responsible for more than 95% of world trade, the future seems pretty bright. The merchant navy has a lot of scopes.

Is the merchant navy a good career for girls?

Merchant navy is just as good as any other career for girls. Criteria to join the merchant navy is the same for all genders without any discrimination. Many women are pursuing this career and reaching great heights.



Hopefully, with the help of this post, you now have all your questions answered, and can move forward to build your career in the merchant navy. You should have a sense of adventure and an ability to deal with challenges, and you will see yourself thriving as a maritime professional soon.