Anniversary Decoration Ideas


Anniversary Decoration Ideas

Often or not, people or couples planning to throw a surprise anniversary party browse the web “How can they make the celebration magical and beautiful?” The answer to this, give gifts, order marriage anniversary cake, pop the champagne, and decorations. Yes, decoration is an important element for creating a conducive romantic atmosphere, for giving the couple the anniversary vibes, and making the place look beautiful.

Decorations work the magic like none other. So, here are a few anniversary decoration ideas. The ideas listed are not tiresome. With a minimal effort, you can create all these decorations.

  • Paper Hearts: Take colourful red and pink sheets and few printed sheets with words like LOVE or hearts doodled over it. Cut hearts out of printed sheets and create bunting. Then, paste a few heart cut-outs on the wall or mirror with a message on each of it. And, let a few large hearts hang from the ceiling to make the room look prettier.
  • Balloons and Rose Petals: The traditional anniversary decor idea that always works it’s charm. Decorate the bed or coffee table with rose petals. Make hearts and write initials with petals. Then scatter a few rose petals all over bed, sofa, or any furniture in the room. Decorate the walls and flooring with heart-shaped balloons.
  • Ceiling Balloons, Rose, And Candles: A classic decoration idea to light up the room and heart of your partner. With tea lights make a heart-shape border, and then fill them with rose petals. Hang red-white heart-shape balloons from the ceilings. Beside the bed, have a fresh bouquet of red roses. On the bed, keep a heart-shape or anniversary themed cake. You can order cake online in Mumbai from the bakery providing services in your area. Just before the surprise, lit the candles.
  • Helium Balloons with Picture: If you are celebrating your anniversary, means you have spent 365 days with each other making many memories. And that’s the inspiration of this decoration idea. Attach Helium Balloons (preferably heart-shape) to the ceiling. From each balloon, hang strings or ribbons. Then, attach photographs to each string. You can also write a message at the back of the photograph.
  • Bathtub Decoration: This idea is perfect for couples who love intimate and cosy anniversary celebrations. Decorate the bathtub with rose petals and candles. Fill the bathtub with bubble bath or any aroma oil. Have a champagne bottle next to you. Enjoy a warm and relaxing bath with each other, while sipping the champagne.
  • Fairy Lights: Fairy light is that magical object that can turn any location into a paradise. Either choose a single colour or multiple colour fairy lights. Decorate the sides of the bed or walls with the fairy lights. You can also light candles or lanterns. This one is the easiest when running out of time.
  • Flower Decorations: Flowers are the natural beauties that can make the room look colorful, lively and fragrant (natural scents). Make a lush canopy of flowers and foliage, flower chandelier, or a flower fall with your initials. You can go for other flower varieties in addition to roses.

We hope you’ve got the inspiration and enough ideas how to make the ambience look romantic with the help of decorations.