A Foodie’s Guide to Seafood and Scenery in Murrells Inlet, SC


    Murrells Inlet, South Carolina’s seafood haven, offers a culinary odyssey against a backdrop of scenic marshlands and marinas. Celebrated as the state’s Seafood Capital, its dining scene presents a medley of flavors matching its serene waterside views. Here, the charm of sunlit decks and historic venues enhances each delightful meal. Dive into a guide that reveals fresh seafood as one of the can’t-miss things to do in Murrells Inlet, where exceptional taste meets picturesque landscapes to craft an unforgettable dining experience.

    The Fresh Catch of the Day

    The Fresh Catch of the Day

    In the heart of Murrells Inlet, the fresh catch of the day isn’t just a menu option; it’s a celebrated daily event showcasing the finest seafood specialties the area offers. Local chefs take pride in crafting dishes highlighting the freshest ingredients from the nearby Atlantic waters. As you explore the Inlet, the tantalizing aromas of seasoned shrimp, seared fish, and steamed crustaceans promise an authentic taste of the ocean’s bounty.

    Dockside Dining

    Dockside dining in Murrells Inlet elevates eating to an art, pairing the day’s freshest catches with panoramic waterfront views. At venues like Hot Fish Club, the heritage of hospitality shines through with signature dishes such as fresh oysters and the famed Lowcountry Boil. 

    From the Net to the Plate

    Each seafood dish has a narrative at Murrells Inlet, beginning with early fishermen casting nets committed to sustainable capture. The fresh haul, from shrimp to crabs, reaches restaurants directly from the docks, with chefs personally selecting the best for their menus. This close-knit chain from sea to plate showcases the seafood’s freshness, letting natural flavors shine. Local chefs often use simple cooking techniques like grilling or steaming to showcase the seafood’s natural flavors. However, most kitchens excel at perfectly frying seafood into golden, crispy morsels.

    Classic Seafood Dishes and Where to Try Them

    Classic Seafood Dishes and Where to Try Them

    Dive into the heart of Murrells Inlet’s culinary tradition with classic seafood dishes that have charmed the palates of locals and visitors for decades. These time-honored recipes passed down through generations are a testament to the region’s rich maritime heritage. Embark on a gastronomic journey as you unravel where to sample the quintessential flavors that define this coastal community’s soul.

    The Legendary Lowcountry Boil

    The Lowcountry Boil is a festive Southern feast, boiling red potatoes, sweet corn, fresh shrimp, spicy sausage, and sometimes crab with bay leaves, lemon, garlic, and Old Bay seasoning. Served communal style over a newspaper-covered table, it’s a shared experience of aromatic and savory delight. In Murrells Inlet, enjoy this delicacy with a view at places like Dead Dog Saloon where chefs have spent decades perfecting and serving an authentic pot of LoCoBo.

    Signature Shrimp and Grits

    Shrimp and grits, a dish deep-rooted in Southern tradition, blends ocean-fresh shrimp with creamy ground corn grits. This comfort classic turns gourmet when enhanced with cheddar, bacon, and garlic, offering a rich and savory experience. In Murrells Inlet, Hot Fish Club guards their unique recipe, Russell’s Seafood Grill delivers a hearty skillet version, and The Wicked Tuna adds a modern spin with smoked gouda and andouille sausage. Each restaurant serves more than a meal; they offer a story of the region’s rich culinary heritage.

    Other Culinary Delights in Murrells Inlet

    Other Culinary Delights in Murrells Inlet

    Murrells Inlet’s culinary scene extends beyond the treasures of the tide, offering an eclectic array of flavors to satisfy any palate. From the sizzling steaks and aromatic chicken dishes to the vibrant variety of locally-sourced vegetarian fare, the town serves up a veritable feast that transcends its seafood fame. Venture into the diverse menu of Murrells Inlet, where every bite is a nod to the region’s rich gastronomic diversity.

    Steaks, Chicken, and Local Produce

    Murrells Inlet honors its local harvests with esteemed eateries specializing in surf and turf. Steakhouses and grills with aromas of quality local meats and roasted chicken epitomize the area’s commitment to community support through local sourcing. Likewise, vegetarians relish dishes where chefs elevate seasonal produce into artful creations. Establishments like Austin’s Harvest Restaurant exemplify this ethos with seasonal menus that pay homage to the land. Their menu offers a rich selection from succulent chicken to fresh green dishes, each a tribute to Murrells Inlet’s bountiful landscape and mindful dining culture.

    Sweet Treats

    In Murrells Inlet, the dessert scene competes with the seafood for the spotlight, offering a cornucopia of sweet indulgences. Locations like Stella’s Homemade Ice Cream offer handcrafted ice creams, where each scoop is a loving nod to life’s simple pleasures. From the richness of red velvet to the innovative twists of Lucky Charms and Cosmic Brownie, Stella’s turns your favorite dessert into an all-new creation.

    Meals with a View

    Meals with a View

    Murrells Inlet isn’t just a feast for the palate; it’s a visual banquet, too. Dining here means not just relishing the flavors but also soaking in the views that frame your meal. Discover the restaurants where each dish is served with breathtaking views, elevating the dining experience to a memorable fusion of taste and sight.

    Waterfront Wining and Dining

    In the heart of Murrells Inlet, the scenic waterfront invites you to a selection of eateries blending stunning views with carefully crafted menus. Imagine dining at Creek Ratz, known for its rustic appeal and marsh-front decks, where sunset views enhance the taste of their signature seafood. Along the MarshWalk, Wahoo’s Fish House awaits, offering marina views through expansive windows and memorable mahi-mahi dishes. Alternatively, make sure to visit Drunken Jack’s, where pirate lore infuses the atmosphere, and meals on the open-air porch feel like a discovered gem. The blend of live music on the MarshWalk and the soothing sounds of the ocean creates the perfect ambiance for enjoying fresh seafood and tasty appetizers.

    Scenic Spots for a Picnic

    Murrells Inlet offers picturesque spots for a memorable seafood picnic. Picture yourself at Huntington Beach State Park, serenaded by the ocean and seabirds, enjoying a shrimp salad amid the fresh air. Atalaya Castle combines historical intrigue with coastal serenity, perfect for a leisurely oyster po’boy. Brookgreen Gardens, under the shade of majestic trees, is ideal for indulging in local crab cakes and fresh salads. For a meal with a show, Morse Park Landing presents a golden-hued marsh at sunset. Here, each setting enriches your meal, turning picnics into unforgettable experiences that blend flavor with the natural beauty of Murrells Inlet.

    Scenic Spots for a Picnic

    In Conclusion

    Murrells Inlet offers a unique dining adventure, where each meal celebrates the sea’s bounty amid stunning seaside views. Discover the essence of local culture through iconic dishes like Lowcountry boil and shrimp and grits, enjoyed against a backdrop of marshes and the soothing sounds of the ocean. Embrace the local flavors and scenic beauty wholeheartedly, and let each sight become a treasured part of your travel story. Here, food intertwines with the landscape, inviting you on a journey of taste and exploration.