9 Things To Do When You Are Missing Your Special One


When we are in love, we want that person every time. This is the most common thing in relationships. Those couples who live in the same, and can meet every second. So for them, missing little less than, long-distance relationships. Missing is the biggest test for any long-distance relationship. Because they can’t meet each other for months, and sometimes years. But here, we are talking about only missing. You know, this missing feeling has a different charm. It shows how much you love each other. Missing each other always enhances your love. But at the same time, it is painful. So I have some remedy that can help you.

  1. Fresh flowers (send love through the flowers)

As you have heard many times, I also say that flowers are the best way to express love. You know, it is also the best way to express your feelings. If you are missing someone or someone misses you. You can send flowers. It will make your special smile. Bloomville midnight flower delivery in Gurgaon is already available. So your love can reach your loved one’s door, at any time.

2.Face call

If you are missing your sweetheart, do a face call. Stare at each other, and express your feelings. It will make you feel better. It will make your beloved feel special too. I know, it will not decrease your pain. But you will feel good.


3. Call each other or text each other  

You can message your bar, saying “ I am missing you”. You can talk to each other on call. These things will decrease your missingness. When you will hear your beloved voice. You will feel better than before.

4.Wear a shirt

I know, it sounds childish. But it works so well. Wear your bae shirt, it will make you feel the presence of your bae. It makes you feel the warmth of love. It seems like you are hugging your bae.


5. Listen to music

Music is the best partner in every situation. If you can’t do the above-mentioned things. Then you should listen to music. You can listen to both of your favorite songs. You can listen to your favorite song. You can listen to your favorite songs. It will make you feel calm. Because now you can’t send flowers.  You can’t call. You can’t do text. So this is the best option. It will reduce your missing pain.

6.Look at pictures

Memories are the best pain killer as well as a pain giver. So you can cherish the memories that you both made. The memory you both created when you met. So you can see your beloved picture, both of your pictures together. It will distract your mind. It will make you feel happy.

7. Read old chats

Reading old chats seems like, you are talking with that person. It is really very fruitful. It will make you smile when you will read both of your chats. It will make you feel that you are reliving, that moment.

8. Watch videos and hear the voice messages

You both have definitely made videos together. You can watch those videos. If you don’t have videos. You can listen to your sweetheart’s voice messages. It feels so relief. If you have a call recording. You can listen to it also. You know, when you will close your eyes while listening. You will feel that your love of life with you, at this moment. It is so relaxing and will make you feel calm.

9. Eating dessert

In this case, dessert is like a boon. You can order online cake delivery in Bangalore, it can be both of your favorites. It can be your favorite or your special person’s favorite.  Just eat cake, pastry, chocolate, ice cream, anything.  I tell you will feel heavenly. You have read or heard, desserts are the stress buster. It is especially about chocolates. It will change your mood. Now you will feel far better than before. You will miss it, but now less than before.


I know, it is very difficult to live far from bae. But because of study, job, and so many other reasons. You have to do this. In fact, more or less, every couple has to go through this.

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